Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. I shall conduct myself with dignity both on and off the field of play and by example shall endeavor to inspire the principles of sportsmanship and show respect for all others associated with the game of soccer.
  2. I shall become familiar with and abide by the Rules, Regulations and Policies of Innisfail Minor Soccer Association (IMSA), Central Alberta Soccer Association (CASA) and Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) during both league play and in tournaments.
  3. I shall adhere to all CASA, ASA and Canadian Soccer Association standards and directives.
  4. I will ensure that all players are wearing proper equipment – shin guards and cleats or running shoes as per CASA Rules and Regulations. Players not dressed in the proper equipment will not be allowed to participate.
  5. I shall endeavor to strive toward the principles of fair play.
  6. I will not permit children not registered with IMSA to participate in practices or games. This is a liability not covered by IMSA insurance.
  7. I shall perform my designated responsibilities, including attending clinics and meetings as required, and shall insist my fellow coaches uphold the standards of coaching.
  8. I shall honor any commitments as accepted unless unable to do so by virtue of personal emergency or illness.
  9. I am expected to be on time and prepared for matches and training sessions. If I am unable to attend, I will find a replacement and/or notify IMSA Executive with as much notice as possible.
  10. I acknowledge that all cancellations are made jointly by Program Coordinators. I shall not cancel any games or practices at my discretion.
  11. I shall not publicly criticize other coaches or any soccer association.
  12. I shall not publicly criticize Referees or Assistant Referees, and will respect their authority on the game and knowledge of the laws of soccer.
  13. I shall not make any negative public statements to the media (newspaper, radio, television, social networks etc) relating to any game officials or regarding the quality of the match performance of any teams and its players.
    1. I shall be subject to disciplinary action for not complying with this Code of Conduct.

Note:    Coaches are required to sign a Code of Conduct form and return to IMSA no later than May 1, 2014.



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